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This is a writing exercise from the Creators Workshop Series: What’s something you can’t stop thinking about?

I can’t stop thinking about my last job and how it ended or why it ended the way ti did. What did I do along the way to get it so wrong? …

Overcoming the loneliness and fear of starting something new.

It’s January 17, two days before I’m expected to quit my new year’s resolution of becoming a better writer. In my experience, resolutions progress with the smoothness and self-confidence of a stutter. The early morning routine is one thing. …

Me at Market in Malaysia

Why moving outside my comfort zone is worth it.

Following recent rejection, I find myself stuck. I’ve fallen into a pit of fear of failure. It’s a muddy pit, hard to climb out of. The walls run thick with my flaws. Scratching and clawing my way out would reveal them further — opening them up for all to see…


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